Virtual Parts Engineering Research Center

VPERCThe VPERC Program (Virtual Parts Engineering Research Center) has been established in 2001 using funding by the Army Research Office (ARO) as a collaborative effort between Hampton University, Arizona State University, and the University of Utah to develop innovative processes for replacing legacy weapons system parts to support the warfighter in the field.


» Objectives

» Equipment and Tools


The focus of VPERC is on building frameworks, tools, and technologies for making legacy systems sustainable and maintainable. System parts and assemblies, which may have no technical data support, are re-developed in a virtual environment for procurement and manufacturing using the most contemporary digital processes and equipment. This environment is intended to transform the engineering process, supporting extremely fast turnaround times for urgent part supply needs and assuring that replacement parts for the numerous legacy systems that are still in service are readily available to the troops.

The VPERC team successfully utilizes reverse engineering, reengineering, or re-design of critical legacy and contemporary parts to reproduce quality system components in those cases where the original equipment manufacturer no longer produces the part, drawings are unavailable or carry errors, OEM replacement parts are not available, or where:

  • Technical data for the part is not available:  dimensions, tolerances, materials, heat treatment, manufacturing processes, quality control;
  • The part calls for reengineering by failing frequently in service due to environmental factors such as temperature, corrosion, dust and other elements;
  • Added functionality is desired.

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