Faculty and Staff

Dr. Joyce T. Shirazi

Dean, School of Engineering and Technology
Phone: 757-728-6970
Email: joyce.shirazi@hamptonu.edu
Location: Olin 117


Electrical & Computer Engineering Faculty

Dr. Demetris L. Geddis

Assistant Dean and Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Phone: 757-727-5299
Email: demetris.geddis@hamptonu.edu
Location: Olin 118

Dr. Qiang Le

Associate Professor
Phone: 757-727-5557
Email: qiang.le@hamptonu.edu
Location: Olin 318I

Dr. Otsebele E. Nare

Associate Professor

Phone: 757-727-5818
Email: otsebele.nare@hamptonu.edu
Location: Olin 302B

Dr. Zhao Sun

Assistant Professor
Phone: 757-637-2338
Email: zhao.sun@hamptonu.edu
Location: Olin 318G


Research Faculty

Dr. Cherrelle Thomas

Research Assistant Professor
Phone: 757-727-5590
Email: cherrelle.thomas@hamptonu.edu
Location: Olin 318H



Ms. Jeanette Augustine

Phone: 757-727-5590
Email: jeanette.augustine@hamptonu.edu
Location: Olin 118